We no longer ask that anyone continue the polypropylene and polyethylene education initiative due to the weak petroleum market. Read our home page for full information on our charitye mission. 

This is Jerry Maier, Trish's brother, who has probably sorted more polypropylene and polyethylene than any other person in the last 6 months! I got to meet him today (March 28th '16) and just loved him. Trish brings her SUV to my facility several times a week and is my biggest helper. She takes it home fully loaded and she and Jerry sort them and bring them back. Trish also transports the donated boxes from Home Depot for me to the facility, attends all the wheelchair presentations to children, and basically runs my charity accepting drop offs and training volunteers when I am on vacation or unable to cover a drop off/volunteer date. We could not do what we have been able to do without their unbelievably generous gift of time and energy.

In March of '14 I got an email from Marc Lanz, who had been collecting his plastic caps in hopes of donating them to Caps Of Love. Marc is the Offshore Construction Supervisor aboard the Technip ship named "Deep Blue". This ship has about 160 personnel on board at a time out of a 300 person rotation. The amazing crew of the "Deep Blue"  are responsible for laying the pipe between the oil drilling machinery on the sea floor and the oil rigs. They stay out to sea for months at a time. During that time, they drink thousands of bottles of water. As a very environmentally aware group, they quickly adopted Caps Of Love as part of their routine.  In only one year's time, they had accumulated four 55 gallon drums of plastic caps weighing almost 300lbs for my charity. Marc has a niece with Down's Syndrome and knows first-hand the value of a wheelchair in a special child's life. He and his crew would love nothing more than to know that their efforts helped provide a deserving handicapped child with freedom and independence through their recycling efforts. Pictured above is the ship "Deep Blue" working now in the Gulf of Mexico. Also pictured are some of the thoughtful and determined crew that support our work here on dry land. Their four 55 gallon drums were delivered to my charity thanks to donated transportation of Coastal Waste Services, Lindy Miller -president. The barrels were brought on shore from "Deep Blue" during a stop in Mobile Alabama. Going forward, they will be sorting for us as well. A special thanks also goes out to Wes Golden who is the Technip Quayside Manager and was also responsible for seeing that this precious cargo made it safely to the charity in South Florida from Mobile, Alabama. I sincerely thank this international crew for their participation and drive to improve the lives of disabled children through their recycling efforts while they work far from their own families. God Bless Marc and the entire crew of the "Deep Blue" and staff at Technip!

Luke Black is a student at the Weiss School in West Palm Beach. He won the "Teacher For A Day" and chose to follow Maribeth Lenz as she is does the Caps Of Love program at that school. He is pictured here wearing the shirt I made for him with Maribeth and the classroom buckets of caps. He helped sort them and added his big bag of plastic caps to the "mountain" of bags that the Weiss School has collected to bring to Caps Of Love. The Weiss School has been a huge contributor to Caps Of Love for two years now. Great Job Luke!

On January 2nd 2014 I had seven young volunteers stop by from Marantha Bible in Lantana to sort caps during their Chrismas vacation. Several of them were visiting from Georgia where they collect plastic caps for "Caps Of Love". They brought their caps down with them in their luggage. I was very impressed with how much they sorted and how diligently they worked. They filled over 3 boxes of caps. They also learned exactly what to collect and how to remove the metal and paper debris from the good caps. I thank all of them and their wonderful parents!

Scotty and Margo Kalwara live in Whitesboro, New York. They heard about Caps Of Love from their son Joe Kalwara who lives in the West Palm Beach area. They began collecting caps and had 3 huge boxes full. A local retailer in New Hartford shipped their caps to Caps Of Love free of charge! Thank you Scotty and Margo for doing such a great job!!! Thanks to Joe for spreading the word around the country!

Note:Caps Of Love no longer accept any mailed caps as it is not environmentally or financially responsible

On October 25th 2013 I spoke to over 300 students and faculty members of the Lake Park Elementary school in Lake Park, Florida. 

Led by Joni Gooley, they have been enthusiastically collecting plastic caps for Caps Of Love for a year now.

I presented the top 5 collectors shown here with their own Caps Of Love t-shirts.

From left to right:Mattilyn Jones, Jordan Lee, William Myers, Shamara Johnson, and Zaria Hatten.


I educated them on the importance of recycling, helping those less fortunate, and the message of empowerment. If you believe in something and persue your vision, it can become a reality!

2013 Mathew Grabasch has been a great asset to Caps Of Love this year. He has brought the charity to his community and introduced it to his friends and family. He and his father have brought several huge loads of plastic caps to my facility, all pre-sorted!!! He is actively trying to get his new school principal to make it a school project. He is well spoken and very mature for his age. As a bonus, he loves hockey too! He will be a future leader, I'm sure. Great job Matt!

2013 Don Haley is a very special collector. Not only does he do a fantastic job in our community collecting plastic caps,  but he takes home all the undesirable caps that are half metal and plastic. Caps from Ensure, Pediasure, Ragu sauce, Welch's jelly jars that are plastic caps with metal inserts cannot be used by Caps of Love. He manually breaks out all the metal discs then returns the useable plastic rings for the charity.

2013 Gabby and Alex Hiller starting their quest for more caps!

2013 Coleen Peggs with her winning school report on Caps Of Love.

2012 Joseph Loeffler, Kindergartner in Ms Fisk's class at The Weiss School, sits comfortably on thousands of caps collected by fellow students. He is the top collector of plastic caps there. Such a wonderful school to support Caps Of Love!

2010 Jerry McGuire was one of my first Super Stars!!! He got his Boy Scout troup to collect about 25 boxes full of plastic caps one summer! His sister, Melissa, was a strong promoter of Caps Of Love too.

2007 Store Manager and fellow associates at my Home Depot 6316 in Lantana, Fla. They are going stronger than ever still!