9 years after our humble beginnings, Caps Of Love charity has been forced to make a major change in the charity direction in order to sustain our organization.

As of June 2017 Caps Of Love has provided 70 free wheelchairs and recycled over 193 TONS of polypropylene and polyethylene caps and lids.


Thousands of adults and children across the entire USA have learned very valuable environmental lessons in learning to identify their recycling, humanitarian lessons in giving back in their communities to those in great need, and empowerment of making a change in the lives of others through their own actions.


As you probably know, plastic is a petroleum product. Due to the very low petroleum market in recent years, the recycling of polypropylene #5, and polyethylene #2 and #4 are only bringing in about 8 cents a pound. When the market was at its peak several years ago, we were receiving 26-28 cents a pound! At this very low value it is no longer viable for us to recycle the polypropylene and polyethylenes at the local level. The price of petroleum is not expected to regain it's former value in the near future. This ends the sadly unsuccessful search for a donated warehouse, the Home Depot donated boxes ($4.50 each!), pallets, stretch wrap and tape, and endless man-hours from local volunteers processing the plastic for recycling in Tampa.


There will be NO CHANGE to the Non-Local Participation program that is successful across the USA bringing in funds from recycling companies making monetary donations to Caps Of Love in exchange for polypropylene and polyetheylene caps and lids.

If you would like to know more about the Non-Local Participation instructions and receive the necessary legal documents to share with your local recycling facility, please email me at CapsOfLoveUSA@gmail.com BEFORE you begin.



We will continue the humanitarian aspect of Caps Of Love under our Chariots Of Love division by providing free wheelchairs to handicapped children in the USA. To do so, we need to focus our energy and attention to seeking grants and tax deductible monetary donations from our communities to fund the purchase of new wheelchairs, funding repairs and accessories, as well as refurbishing donated wheelchairs so they can be given to children in need. We have nearly 30 wheelchairs in stock now with about 15 ready to be given away at any time. This number is increasing as our charity continues to grow across the country.  We will be actively contacting children's hospitals, clinics, pediatric physical therapists, etc to find more children in need of our services.

Public wheelchair presentation invitations (depending on parental consent) will be posted on the Caps Of Love facebook page in advance when possible.


We will also continue to educate the public on the importance of recycling knowledge and involvement in our communities.



I look forward to great things as we venture stronger into the humanitarian phase of Chariots Of Love. 

I encourage you to support us with your tax deductible monetary donations to Caps Of Love by using the "Donate Now" button found on the Caps Of Love website and spreading the word so we can change the lives of the children who need us most!


Thank you for all of your support,

Valerie Mathieu  6-1-17


Grand Re-Opening is scheduled for September 25th 2016 from 10am to noon. Join us for music and refreshments as we present our fabulous new facility to the public. We will also be presenting some wheelchairs to local handicapped children during this event. It is open to the public and free of charge.  . Extra parking available on Commerce road. See the Caps Of Love facebook page for full information and to RSVP for a head count.


In January '15 I was contacted by a woman in Springfield Missouri. She inquired if my wheelchairs were only for handicapped children in Florida. I said "no" and asked her why she had asked.

Her 9 year old granddaughter, Kaydie, has spinal bifida and had outgrown her wheelchair. They could not afford to purchase a new one for this lovely girl who enjoys an active life going to school and playing baseball from her wheelchair. I found out what size she needed and checked my inventory. I had the perfect chair for her thanks to a wonderful donation of brand new children's wheelchairs from Jack Drury at "Wheelchair Foundation.Org". I was able to mail a new red wheelchair right to Kaydie in Missouri. She is obviously enjoying her new wheels!

This is the first out-of-state child that Caps Of Love has been able to help. I anticipate many more in the future as more requests are filled. Thanks again to Wheelchair Foundation for giving me 4 new pediatric wheelchairs to give away.

Our Projects

Dear Collectors,
In September 2013 Caps Of Love became incorporated!

I found a recycling plant in Kentucky that we will be using going forward.


501c3 status was received from the IRS in October 2014 and is retroactive to February 2013 Donations of supplies (such as buckets, lids, printer ink, or signs) or services (such as donated storage units, shipping, printing ) and money will all be tax deductible. Public schools are able to offer community service credit for sorting or collecting plastic caps. There may be the possiblility of getting an unused store donated in a strip mall for storage and sorting purposes. Perhaps even a drop off box like the ones Goodwill Industries uses may be possible for unattended cap drop offs.


This is Keira and Grant Lenz, grandchildren of Maribeth Lenz who is the business manager of The Weiss School in Palm Beach Gardens. They help sort out the debris and metal from the caps when they come to visit. Great job kids!!!  The Weiss School students are major contributors to the Caps Of Love and have provided nearly a half ton of plastic caps last school year. I look forward to their participation this year too.

This is Coleen Peggs of West Palm Beach Florida, a wonderful cap collector who did a school report on "Caps Of Love"! What a great example she shares with her classmates and community. I am proud of her! You have to love that shirt, too
Her parents, Lexi and Jennifer Peggs and Uncle Sasha and Aunt Elizabeth are part of the hockey families that have been collecting their plastic caps for Caps Of Love for several years. Way to go Coleen!


 New collectors at the American Heritage School led by Anthony Marazita (shown here) drop of their first load. What a great effort by these wonderful students. I am proud to have them be part of Caps Of Love!!!

On November 30th 2012, I had the privilege of visiting The Weiss School in Palm Beach Gardens. This is an amazing private school educating students 3 years old through 8th grade. Housed in a lovely facility filled with art from the staff and students, I felt like I was back in my own childhood schools with the students in clean and conservative attire learning their lessons from caring and skilled educators.

I was asked by the director of Business and Finance, Maribeth Lenz, to speak about Caps Of Love to the students, faculty, and parents during their school assembly. I was so proud of the students and to learn of their many wonderful accomplishments. To see the students so involved in their communities at such a young age was impressive. I was present for their first Honor Roll and saw the attentiveness and eager faces looking to repeat their performance or to reach the next levels.  I saw, first-hand, these generous children donating bicycles in all shapes, conditions, and sizes to the Bicycle Man to repair and get to under-privileged children. They donated a great deal of canned goods and non-perishable food to the local food bank to help feed the needy. All of the classes were actively involved in the challenge of bringing in plastic caps for Caps Of Love. I even met their star performer, Evelyn Raffaele, who has brought in the most caps in the school. She will be someone great one day with her drive and determination. Making a classroom competition out of recycling plastic caps has given the children a sense of accomplishment and the special feeling of donating something to improve the lives of the handicapped.

They surprised me by their amazing 23 large bags of plastic caps they have collected in just 3 short months. I can't wait to see how much they can collect by the end of the school year!

They are ALL winners in my book!!!