Due to the weak petroleum market we will be ending the LOCAL recycling facet of our charity in early June 2017


  The non-local process has been very successful nationwide.

We will continue our primary mission under the humanitarian division"Chariots Of Love" to provide free wheelchairs, purchasing new, funding repairs and accessories, and refurbishing donated wheelchairs.

We will continue with our secondary mission to educate the public on how to recycle correctly.



 June 27 2016 These are two interviews plus their own coverage that ran on ABC news WPBF channel 25 yesterda 6 times. The first interview ran arond 9:45 and was taped live in the studio. The second was interviewed shortly after and was a bit longer and did more investigation into the warehouse situation.





 visit this link to view Publix video https://youtu.be/qEgS2b7pcNo  on YouTube




Publix Recycles Plastic to Fund Medical Equipment

Here at Publix, we love going green! We're proud of our sustainability efforts especially in the way of recycling, and recently we discovered a great way to both give back to the environment and give back to those in need at the same time.

Caps of Love is a non-profit organization located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida and they are living proof that a small action can make a big difference. The group collects caps from plastic bottles, paint can lids and other hard plastic tops that are not recycled by municipalities. Caps are sorted and sent off to a recycling center in exchange for money. The money is used to purchase new wheelchairs and other medical equipment for children with special needs.

As word started to spread, Publix associates across our company started collections. "It causes a snowball effect of opening the opportunity for people to collect their plastic caps, to get involved in helping the handicapped with something as simple as a plastic cap, something you’re going to just throw away", said Caps of Love USA, Founder, Valerie Mathieu.

To date, Publix associates have collected thousands of caps for Caps of Love in an effort to help the children they serve get the medical equipment they need to thrive.

"It’s been a huge benefit for Publix, because Publix associates are able to really make a difference by doing something that they’re probably already doing anyway. And to know that it sort of circled back and helps those children who are in need, is a great feeling," added Publix media and community relations manager for the Miami Division, Nicole Krauss.

For more information on Caps of Love and to begin your own caps collection, you can visit their website at http://www.capsoflove.com

 This is the link to the excellent Channel 12 news story that ran today, June 18th 2014 asking the community for a donated home for the charity.



Check out the interview that aired June 13th 2014 on the 5 o'clock news. I asked the community to donate a new home for Caps Of Love in the form of a small warehouse or unused storefront in western Lake Worth or western Lantana. I pray for a quick and positive response.


News & Media coverage

In April 2014 I received a donated child's wheelchair. This donation is being matched by an International company so I will have 2 high-end wheelchairs to donate as soon as my 501c3 status is in place. This should be in the next few months.

These wheelchairs will be donated to 2 needy handicapped children selected from a waiting list at the Royal Palm School in Lantana, Florida that serves the children with disabilities in Palm Beach County. Notice will be provided on my website and Facebook page for all to attend the presentation of these two chairs to enhance the lives of disabled children in our country.

On Monday  February 18th 2013, Caps Of Love shipped almost 8 tons of plastic caps off for recycling in Troy, Alabama. All proceeds will be wire-transferred directly to the parent charity "Bouchons D'Amour" to pay for wheelchairs or service dogs for handicapped children. note: All proceeds are now kept to provide wheelchairs for children in the USA as of 2014)


This is the link to the WPTV Channel 5 news coverage of the event. http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/region_c_palm_beach_county/caps-of-love-money-raised-from-recycled-plastic-caps-will-help-disabled-children-in-south-florida

 * see note for news error clarification


Home Depot paid for a 40 foot shipping container with a lift gate to come to my cap facility, pick up the caps and take them to Alabama free of charge.


I had the community come out and support this event with volunteers and supporters loading the boxes of caps onto pallets early in the morning. Each pallet held 12 boxes of caps. Filled pallets were wrapped in plastic for safe transit. We filled 18 pallets with about 210 recycled grill boxes (used for their stacking strength). We staged the prepared pallets where the huge truck would back into the facility enterance. Volunteers took pride in pushing each pallet onto the lift gate and watching our hard work get on it's way to helping the handicapped.


Volunteers from Home Depot, Hockey players from "Ice Zone", Royal Palm School, South Tech Nursing School, The Weiss School, St Luke's Catholic Church, Mira group, and others came out on the brisk Florida morning to help. Music and free food donated by Chick Fil-A in Lantana and Dunkin Donuts on Lake Worth/West Lake roads made for an exciting event.  

Several groups brought caps with them that will start our next load. Mira group brought a very large load up from Miami the night before the shipping to be sorted for the next time.


The plastic is headed to recycling company in Alabama.(This company was dishonest and will never be used again, shorting Caps Of Love by HALF of the load!) By using them we keep the plastic, transportation costs, jobs, and end product here in the USA while our efforts benefit the disabled around the world (note: wheelchairs are now only given in the USA as of 2014 and all recycling is done in the USA).


* clarification of news clip errors:

Caps are worth 20 cents a pound NOT each

Areas benefiting from the charity include Africa and Europe so far NOT South Florida. (Note: all proceeds now stay in the USA as of 2014 to benefit children in the USA)

This wonderful article just came out in the current edition of the "National Enquirer" magazine. I love it!!!  Thank you to all the collectors that make this progress possible.


Les "bouchons d'amour" beausoleillois ont franchi l'Atlantique

[1] mailto:capsofloveusa@gmail.com
[2] http://www.bouchonsdamour.com
[3] mailto:region5@effiat.com
[4] http://www.Handisport.org

Caps Of Love has been featured several times on television in the month of June 2012.  I had collected about 7 tons of plastic caps over 2 1/2 years. Anheuser-Busch donated a shipping container and free freight to Europe to transport the plastic to the recycling plant, Eryplast,in Belgium.

Southern Self Storage of Lantana, Florida has donated the use of a storage unit, free of charge, to store the caps prior to shipping since April 2011 and continues to do so. On June 13th 2012, the Anheuser-Busch container arrived on a flat bed trailer from Miami for loading. I had 68 volunteers from the community come out to help load the 7 tons of caps and cheer us on. The container was loaded in under one hour and sent on it's way to the Port of Miami on it's way to Belgium in 3 weeks travel time. Volunteers were from: Home Depot district 154, Mira Group, Royal Palm School, Palm Beach Resurfacing, a local ice hockey team, and many others. Free food was donated for the volunteers by Chick-Fil-A on Lantana road, Publix supermarkets on Lantana and Jog road, Dunkin Donuts on Lantana and Jog road, and Starbucks on Lake Worth road.


Tania Rogers from Channel 5 News did a long interview about the charity and our mission that was featured on their "Making a Difference" segment on June 8th and 9th. It was rebroadcast on Channel 3 as well on June 9th.

On June 18th, Channel 5 did a follow up story on the actual shipping of the plastic caps to Belgium. ( see this link:   http://youtu.be/YKqmn72EYak )





Letter to "Caps Of Love" from the US Congress!
Tania Rogers interview on Channel 5 news

Click on this link to see the Channel 5 News story about "Caps of Love" that ran in June 2012. Tania Rogers came out to the storage unit at Southern Self Storage of Lantana, Florida to do the interview. She was so sweet and really interested in the charity mission.



PALM BEACH POST  newspaper ran this great article on June 14th 2012. Hanna Engroff did a super job getting all the information correct in the days that led up to the loading of the first commercial shipment of plastic caps. She contacted me several times to get details and background of the charity. She also contacted some of the major collection sites like Royal Palm School for the disabled, where Sally Mrazovich has been driving the students and teachers to collect caps for nearly 4 years.

This article is about my beginings of collecting caps in the US for Bouchons d'Amour.  Fellow employees from my Lantana Home Depot raise bags of caps to go with me to Europe that year. Monaco newspaper July 2007
Article on "Caps of Love" efforts to help the handicapped. Home Depot  district 154 in SE Florida stores shipped about 6 boxes (shown in photo) as an effort to help.  French newspaper article from August 2009