About Us



About 2004, while visiting overseas, Valerie learned of the charity "Bouchons D'Amour" and their work for the handicapped. Intregued with the simplicity of the concept and the environmental and humanitarian benefits, she became an active supporter. She decided to create "Caps Of Love" to give Americans an opportunity to get involved and the opportunity to help those in need. Educating the community grew to become a permanent task.

After collecting about 2 and a half tons of plastic caps in her house, she reached out to local storage facilities seeking a donated unit to store the caps. Southern Self Storage in Lantana promptly took her in April of 2011.  There she has the use of a fantastic unit measuring 18' deep and 12 feet wide with electric power for fans and lighting. The unit is in a lovely facility, gated, and very clean and safe. In this donated unit, Valerie spend many hours each week sorting out the debris and metal from the collected plastic caps and boxing them for shipping. She uses recycled empty bar-b-que grill boxes from several local Home Depots as they are sturdy and can be stacked over 8 feet tall without crushing under their own weight. Shipping has been donated by Anheuser-Busch in June of 2012 to send 7 tons of caps to Belgium and by Home Depot in February of 2013 to Troy, Alabama.  Future loads will be shipped as the storage unit fills.

Additional space is needed

I am seeking a second location in or near western Lake Worth to house plastic caps for sorting and shipping. If you have a lockable storage unit that you would like to donate to the charity, please contact Valerie by email.