Although no new donated warehouse has been found. Mr Pearce has graciously given us a temporary reprieve until a new facility is found.

Our current donated warehouse was geneously donated since August 2016. Their business has expanded and they are in need of our donated space ASAP.


We will begin accepting correctly separated polypropylene and polyethylene again next week. Please review the website for updated grade separation requirements as we will NOT be accepting any that are not done correctly. Please allow sufficient time to have your's checked for grade separation compliance before being dropped off as there can be a waiting line. We are also asking for the special shipping boxes we use to be donated. See the "Wish List" tab for exact box information available for purchase at most Home Depots. This is the only boxes we use.

NON-LOCAL PARTICIPATION WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY THIS MOVE AND WILL CONTINUE AS BEFORE as it is not affected by our storage and supports us monitarily.

  The non-local process has been very successful across the country.

We will continue with our primary mission to educate the public on how to recycle correctly.

We will continue our secondary mission to provide the free wheelchairs as long as funds allow for purchasing new, and refurbishing donated wheelchairs.



Critical to the recycling of plastic caps is the identification of the 3 types of plastic caps we accept. Please review the "What to Collect" tab before you begin collecting


The most common grade we recycle is Polypropylene #5. They have a #5 inside the recycling triangle symbol. This is usually found in some colored caps and most translucent caps larger than the two tiny translucent water caps.


The second type of plastic we recycle is Polyethylene #2 that has a #2 inside the recycling triangle symbol and includes the two tiny translucent water caps , star caps, and green Desani caps and any unmarked beverage cap that is determined by the "Squeeze Test.


The third type of plastic we recycle is Polyethylene #4. These have a #4 in the recycling code triangle and can be of any color or size.



NEW UPDATE as of February 2017: We can no longer accept any flip-top sport caps as pictured on the "What to Collect" tab


Beverage caps that have NO RECYCLING CODE TRIANGLE have been a problem to identify. We have updated instructions from our recycling partner on how to separate them(see other tab for photos/descriptions):


For unidentified  beverage caps, we do the squeeze test.

Polypropylene #5s are very stiff (rigid) and will not bend very easily at all. They will always go back into their original shape. They can be any color or translucent like from water bottles.


Polyethylene #2s  will not squeeze completely together but will hold their irregular shape and not go back to completely round. They can be any color or translucent.

The three grades have about the same value but have no recycling value when mixed together as the recycler cannot sell them.


Many photos and better descriptions can be found under the "What to collect" tab on this website.


I encourage EVERYONE to come sort with me, at least once for at least an hour or two, to really get a good understanding of the process and to answer the many questions that arise.