Although no new donated warehouse has been found. Mr Pearce has graciously given us a temporary reprieve until a new facility is found.

Our current donated warehouse was geneously donated since August 2016. Their business has expanded and they are in need of our donated space ASAP.


We will begin accepting correctly separated polypropylene and polyethylene again next week. Please review the website for updated grade separation requirements as we will NOT be accepting any that are not done correctly. Please allow sufficient time to have your's checked for grade separation compliance before being dropped off as there can be a waiting line. We are also asking for the special shipping boxes we use to be donated. See the "Wish List" tab for exact box information available for purchase at most Home Depots. This is the only boxes we use.

NON-LOCAL PARTICIPATION WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY THIS MOVE AND WILL CONTINUE AS BEFORE as it is not affected by our storage and supports us monitarily.

  The non-local process has been very successful across the country.

We will continue with our primary mission to educate the public on how to recycle correctly.

We will continue our secondary mission to provide the free wheelchairs as long as funds allow for purchasing new, and refurbishing donated wheelchairs.

About Us

Beginning in 2008, Valerie Mathieu began her mission to educate the public on the values of recycling correctly. Because plastic caps are very seldom accepted for recycling but do have value in bulk, she saw this as an oportunity to raise money this way.  Seeing the great need in our communities for mobility equipement for special needs children, Caps Of Love was founded and became incorporated in February 2013. Non-profit 501(c)3 status was established and was effective to February 2013.


 Caps Of Love is an American organization based near West Palm Beach, Florida. We are dedicated to public education on the correct recycling procedures. We recycle 3 different grades of plastic caps and lids of all sizes, shapes, and colors (polypropylene #5 and polyethylene #2 and #4). The plastic is sold to recycling companies in the USA. As of July 2016, we have recycled over 165 TONS of plastic caps and lids!

All the proceeds from the recycling go to provide wheelchairs for uninsured, needy, or fianancially disadvantaged handicapped children in the USA up to the age of 21. 


If you or your group are not local to West Palm Beach Florida, ask your local recycling center to "take" your caps in exchange for a tax deductible donation made payable to Caps Of Love charity.


We cannot accept mailed caps as it is not environmentally or financially responsible. This actually COSTS the charity money thus keeping the children from receiving the wheelchairs they need.


When we received our non-profit status, we began to be the recipients of donated wheelchairs as they are considered as tax-deductible donations. We use the proceeds from the recycling to purchase new wheelchairs as well as refurbish and recertify the donated equipment. We have even purchased accessories or modifications for children's own wheelchairs needing our financial assistance.


In fall of 2014 Caps Of Love gave away the first 4 wheelchairs to handicapped children in Palm Beach County. As Of July 2016, we have now given away 59 wheelchairs with many more to come. Photos and videos of the wheelchair presentations, media coverage, and many charity events are updated every week on the Caps Of Love facebook page, Twitter as @CapsOfLoveUSA, or Instagram as CapLady



This charity is not for profit and is 100% supported by volunteers and donations.

We are dedicated to increasing participation for this charity nationwide. We encourage people to participate in this environmental and humanitarian opportunity. We offer hands-on training and coaching at our facility as well as off-site at schools, organizations, churches, clubs, and businesses as scheduling permits.

Email Valerie Mathieu at to request off-site  hands-on training or group education through speaking engagements and powerpoint presentations. Donations are appreciated.


Caps Of Love is incorporated, IRS tax ID#46-5605705, a registered 501C3 tax exempt charity, and licensed in the State of Florida #CH43737 .


Valerie Mathieu president and founder.  Best contact is by E-mail:


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Facebook: Caps Of Love

Twitter: @CapsOfLoveUSA #CapsOfLove

Instagram: CapLady