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The goal of our non-profit organization is to help the disabled.


"Caps Of Love" is the only US affiliate with the international charity "Bouchons D'Amour".

By recycling plastic caps, we raise money to buy wheelchairs for disabled children. This also has an environmental benefit as discarded caps are put in our landfills or incinerated which harms the earth if not recycled. Plastic caps are a different grade of plastic from the bottles and are valuable in bulk. They can be sold to companies using recycled "post-consumer" plastic to create new products such as plastic shipping pallets, plastic park benches, plastic paint cans and many other items.


 Nondiscrimination Policy
"Caps Of Love" does not discriminate or support on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, national origin, or physical or developmental disability.


Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by not throwing out your plastic caps?


Become a collector.

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By popular demand: Here is a photo from December 10th 2014. As many of you know I have been learning to play ice hockey for a few years. At 52 this is no small challenge but I love it.  I am on two different teams C1 (Novice)and C2 (Beginner) both named "Bruins". We won the C2   championship out of 5 teams in that league. I will play in the championship game for the C1 division out of 7 teams this monday night. I am the one in the black and pink striped hockey socks in the front. It is a wonderful sport and I have many cap collectors and sorters among them.


My mission is an ongoing collection of plastic caps. Speaking to local organizations, schools, churches, and clubs to increase awareness of the charity. 



I have posted upcoming "Cap Sorting Parties" on my website under "weekly drop off times" as the volume sometimes exceeds my ability to sort in a timely fashion. Volunteers will be asked to help remove metal debris, paper liners, and trash from collected caps  .

At this time, about 5% to 10% of all collected material must be discarded due to metal beer caps, alluminum pull-tabs, metal jar lids, and trash thrown in with the caps. All this devalues the plastic for recycling!


The sorting is time-consuming and tedious but necessary to provide a pure plastic result for recycling.

 The sorted caps are then placed in large recycled boxes that I use for storage until they are shipped to the recycling plant.